17 August 2017

Packing For Uni—What You Need To Take With You

Life as a college student is definitely interesting. In your short years away from home, you’ll meet a lot different people with different interests. You’ll learn more about yourself than you ever did. You’ll even find out that you are capable of many things that you never thought possible before. You’ll find friendships in the most unexpected people, and you’ll be surprised at how long those friendships last.

But leaving home, especially if you’re doing so for the first time can be daunting. You have to learn to do your own things, and cook for yourself, and even get your own clothes washed. You’ll have to learn to pack smartly, and learn what’s necessary to take with you when you come back home for the holidays.

Here are a few of our suggestions on what to pack, when you move to college.


For the comfort of your sleep

Admit it, if you have a proper place to sleep, half your life is settled. In this case, don’t forget to pack the necessary things to ensure that your nights at college are as comfortable as those at home. While it’s true that you can buy most of what you need as time goes by, you should always take a mattress cover (one that’ll protect you from bedbugs) for better sleep. Taking your own pillows (regardless to whether you’ll be provided with pillows), bed sheets and blankets are also a good idea.  Once you get to college, you can consider getting new mattresses and toppers if the ones already used are not comfortable.

For getting proper meals

Yes, we know that unless you have a particular interest to cooking, you might not really know your way around the kitchen. Now is a perfect time to learn a few basic meal recipes. Trust us, though you might feel ordering in and eating at the campus canteen may be easier, it will all get old pretty fast. If you live in the UK, then you’ll be able to find student kitchen packs UK quite useful. Get only the basics, as you can always buy the rest as time passes. Learning to cook your own food is especially good if you have a sensitive stomach, or if you’re conscious about your weight and/or of your body’s fitness. Also, consider investing on a microwave, which will be more useful than you think.

Other general things

These are the things apart from your books, stationaries, bedding and student kitchen packs UK that will also need to be packed. Medicines are something you should definitely pack. If you’re using a particular medicine that’s hard to find, then don’t hesitate to stock up on it. Acne medicines, and special toiletries are also a must to pack. Like medicines, all and any important document regarding your health, college, and even warranties need to be packed with you. Birth certificates can be taken in copies for safety reasons. If you’re taking your car, don’t forget to take registration and insurance papers along with you too.

Try having a check list for all the things you need to take with you. This will ensure that nothing gets left behind in the last minute rush and chaos.