17 August 2017

Moving To A Different Country With Kids – Before And After

People call home to a place where they are truly themselves. It is associated with a lot of love, care and fond memories. The longer you live at a house, the more attached you become to it. Attachments to homes take different forms and take different times to be formed. Some people who have lived in a house for decades might not have that much of an attachment to it, whereas a kid who has lived in a certain house for four years might have a stronger attachment to it. The degree of attachment to a home depends on several factors. But, once it is formed, it is very difficult to sever. However, there also comes times when we not only have to change houses, but also our country as well. Dealing with such a situation is hard enough, without dealing with a kid who is also dealing with the same situation. Kids need to be handled very carefully when it comes to not only moving houses, but also countries. Here are a few things that you should take into consideration before and after the move.

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Before the move

The first thing that you need to do, even before you go online to look for an international removal company, is to tell your children. Do not be those parents who tell their kids about the big move, to another country, a week before the whole thing. It is not about protecting them, but more of a case of getting them used to the situation. Be sure to tell them that you are going to be with them in the new country and that there will be other children that they can make friends or play with. Depending on the age of your kid, there can be many reactions to your news once you break it. It is important to not be angry or aggressive in such times.

Now that you have told your children about the move to another country, you may participate them in activities related to the move. Take them along when you go shopping for new clothes or get their help to pack their belonging to be taken away by the international removal company that you have picked. By making them a part of the process, you will be reducing their anxiety and fear. Make sure that you do not leave any of their treasured belongings behind. If they have pets, do your best to take the pets along with you too.

After the move

Once you have moved, it is important to get your child accustomed to his or her new surroundings. Be a mediator in their process of making friends. Take a concentrated effort to have their new friends at home. Take the time off to explore the new country and its culture. Above all, watch out for any signs of anxiety and distress in your child, as these can be very common when there is a change in their familiar environment.