17 August 2017

How to learn construction management

Construction management is a project delivery method, where by the clients retains a construction manager to provide certain pre-construction expertise, including cost estimation, value engineering and scheduling. And during the construction phase of the project coordination of all construction activities. Construction management is made up of many key components, some of which will be examined. The first one that will be looked at is value engineering, value engineering is a systematic and organized approach to provide the necessary functions in a project at the lowest cost, value engineering provides the substitution of materials and methods with less expense alternative, without sacrificing functionality, it is focused solely on the functionality of various components and materials rather than the physical attribute, also called value analysis. Construction planning is one of the functionalities aspect of construction management, it involves selecting the type of technology to be used, the real definition of work tasks, the estimation of the required resources, the duration for individual task as well as the estimated completion time frame for the overall project.


An effective construction plan is used as the medium for developing a proper budget and schedule, for the work to be carried out, organizational decision about the relationship between projects participants and even which organizations to include a projec,t if the planning does not go well then the construction itself will not go well either, as it is said that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Another aspect of construction management is project scheduling, the project scheduling serves as a primary means of relaying construction plan to an individual from the construction company, it also communicates means and methods as well as planned sequences and timing of a project, the project scheduling can be done by people manually, or a computer can be used. Project scheduling softwares, these softwares are available all over he world and has become a very common way for people in the construction industry to go about scheduling project effectively. The scheduling aspect of construction management usually begins during the pre construction stage. When a project is underway there should be continual project inspection, metal rolling melbourne this is usually done by a contractor this is where he/she comes on site and inspect the building to verify that things is going as planned and nothing is out of place, they also monitor the workers on the site to ensure that they are following the basic rules and regulations, especially the ones governing health and safety. Workers who do not follow the health and safety rules and regulations are a liability to the contracting firm. To manage a construction effectively there has to be quality  assurance as well as quality control, quality assurance is the maintenance of a desired level of quality in the service offered by construction workers especially by means of attending to every stage of the process of production.  While quality control is a system of maintaining standard by testing workers against instructions given to them. The cost of estimation needs to be accurate, when an estimation is way off a project can be at risk of not being successful because they may not end up having the right amount and right qualities of resources needed for the construction of the project.