17 August 2017
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Harmful Effects Of Smoking And Ways To Protect Yourselves

Smoking is a not a healthy habit but it is widespread in the world. It affects everyone in the surrounding area, not just the smoker but also the innocent people who are standing nearby them. This is called passive smoking and this is an issue which needs to be addressed by smokers all around the world. It can even be the family members of these smokers. Many new people get addicted to the nicotine in it every year which causes a lot of health issues including lung disorder and cancer.  Once people get addicted to this, it is hard to come out of the addiction. Some people even die due to the nicotine particles that get deposited in their lungs. So it becomes important to get over the habit of smoking. But it is not possible to stop a habit just like that. One should stop it slowly with the passage of time by using various methods. This is when e-cigarette comes in handy. It is available as a starter kit. Classic cigarette has 40 to 100 percentage of nicotine while the e-cigarette has 5% or less than 5% nicotine or even no nicotine in them. Also this emits very less amount of carbon monoxide. But, has the same flavor as the classic ones. There are two kinds of e-cigarette starter kits available in the market. One is rechargeable kind and the other one is battery kind. The non-rechargeable kind has a battery slot where we have to replace the battery. Also it comes with a tank to fill the liquid, a liquid bottle and a coil. The other one comes with a charger and a cigarette and a filling liquid.


Advantages Of Using e Juices In The e Cigarettes

The liquid that used to fill in the cigarette is called as e liquid or e-fluid or e-juices. This liquid is available in small cartridge and they can be changed into vapors. These are mixtures of nicotine extract and other contents that give the flavor. Some of the e-juices available in the market have the option of changing the percentage of the nicotine strength. These liquid contains Nano particles of the nicotine which goes in during inhalation and comes out during exhalation. The liquid comes in various flavors. Some of them are come with very less percentage of nicotine in them. Also some non-nicotine liquids are available in the markets which are just the flavored cigarette liquid. The percentage of the nicotine is mentioned in every bottle which makes it easy to select the one depending on one’s needed. These are available in wide range of tastes including tobacco, fruits and much more. Approximately there are around 3000 flavors. It also emits very less fog which is good for environment.