17 August 2017

Decorating Your Workspace – A Few Suggestions

Have you ever looked up from the computer only to be greeted by plain walls? Have you leaned back and wondered back if maybe, just maybe you could add some colour and life to your workspace? If you have then this article is for you.

Here are a few suggestions to convert your drab workspace into one you would be excited to work in.

Colour is everyone’s best friend

There is nothing quite like colour, it allows the most boring work spaces to come to life. Take note that you cannot paint the movable office partition around you. Unless you fancy getting lectured by your supervisor, do not do it. However do not worry there are other more permissible ways in which you can add colour to your workspace. First remember that the colours you choose should be ones that will be comfortable working around. Even if you fancy neon colours, remember that in a workspace where you will have to be there for eight hours without many breaks in between, the last thing you would want is loud neon all around you. In the beginning it might seem fun but give a few days and you would want to burn down the entire office building. Neon colours are so loud and bright that you would not be able to do any work. The colours itself would stress you out.


So choose colours that you can work around and do not put it on every available surface. You can paste a few colourful posters (with tape that can be easily removed) or a few decorative pictures on the movable office partition. You can also choose to buy a coloured pen holder, a decorative lamp or anything else that still fits as office supply onto your workspace. Do not overuse colours unless you wish to have a headache.

Keep flowers in your workspace

Flowers breathe in some life into your workspace. They are colourful, they smell good, and they would also help keep your workspace look more elegant. You can keep any flowers you want as long as they do not disturb other employees and are taken care of. So if your flowers are rotting, throw them away. Your workspace should not be a flower grave yard.

Keep photographs of your best moments

This might not seem important but it is. When you have a bad day at work, just seeing the photograph of a time when you were happier, would motivate you enough to see through your day. After all a bad day is just that… a bad day. So keep photographs of the times and the people you cherish the most, it will drive you to do a good job and add a touch of home to your workspace.

A note on non-visual elements and safety

As much as some might argue that decorations are considered visual, and they may be right, There are certain aspects that need to be looked into. Without an acoustic partition system for instance, even the most inviting office space will be a nightmare to work at if every little sound surrounding the workplace can be heard loud and clear.

Just like an acoustic partition system, another thing you need to look into is hazards and general health and safety. There may not be any suitable blind spot to have a fire extinguisher hanging without it affecting the appearance of the place, but you’d sure wish you made that compromise in case a disaster occurs.

Always remember to express the person you are through your workspace as ultimately your workspace is yours. Be sure to consider the latter points as well since safety and other elements are areas people tend to miss when looking to decorate an office.